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So I can’t get onto Facebook, but this feeds into Facebook and Twitter. Sorry!

I’m in Cape Town!! I’ve started my internship, gone to Fan Fests and started celebrating my birthday. It was quite interesting to get here. From late and cancelled flights…getting stranded in Boston, being the ONLY black person in the whole airport in Iceland (I checked) and almost getting stuck in London. However, I have a great support team that pulled me out of my discouragement and helped me to see and to be grateful for the ride.

The most beautiful thing about my journey here? The spiritual moments I had watching the sunrises. The were the most amazing things I’ve seen. The sunrise approaching Iceland—well, it wasn’t really the sunrise, more like us flying into the sunlight since the sun doesn’t really go down during this time of year in Iceland—was mind blowing. Flying over the full, bright white clouds, gazing at the lavenders and oranges and reds. It was just beautiful, really. That, coupled with the climax of Avatar was the perfect recipe for a asthma attack :).

The sunrise approaching South Africa though? It was calm and gorgeous and regal. It felt like a call to reflection…it made me feel really centered. I know that may some cliche to some, but it was definitely one of the more peaceful moments I’ve had. The colors were bold and vibrant. It had these striking different shades of red. When you see it, you understand all of the paintings people create trying to capture the image…but it’s nothing like the paintings once you see it for yourself.

The sunrises were amazing and really reestablished the fact that it’s just God and I here. I wouldn’t have made it out of Boston or London without Him…TRUST. And I definitely wouldn’t be having such a great time if it wasn’t for Him either.

Now, you know I don’t know much about soccer. I didn’t even know there WAS a World Cup (I’m not embarrassed either) until someone started exclaiming and trying to convince me that my trip was the best thing in the world…that’s also when I found out it was being hosted here. So of course I’m like, “Aw, that’s nice. I hope an African team wins”. But yo!!! When I got here the first things I heard were vuvuzelas and yelling. Lol. We were riding to my flat and there were people running in the street selling and waving flags and blowing their vuvuzelas and singing. I think it’s when I saw the children on the sidewalks going OFF, y’all, that I was like, “Oh yeah, gimme one of those vuvuzelas and let’s get it poppin!” So I’m officially a bandwagon World Cup fan. Good enough Rocky? lol.

There’s a video of some of the energy of the kickoff game that I’ll post once I get Internet on Shiba. There were police officers lined up like a wall blocking our entrance into the viewing event because it was so full. So we just partied in front of them. It was fun. They went ballistics when SA scored that goal. Of course things were really quiet during the match last night, but Cape Town’s energy turned back up within 20-30 minutes after the game ended and the streets were crazy again. They blow vuvuzelas day and night here and everyone represents their country. Everytime someone yells USA I’m like, YEAH! I might wanna stop though.

Sidenote: Germans are so funny and crazy. That’s all I’ll say for now.

For my birthday, my German roommate bought me a bunch of chocolate and some Werthers because I told her about how I bought a pack at the airport to cure my home sickness (Hey Shanny-Pelle!). It was really sweet.

My intership is so much more than I couldv’e asked for. My job is to create connections with local organizations to try to get events hosted in the Gardens. It’s not going to be easy considering the fact that it’s winter here and the weather is very unpredictable and unfit for outside events. It’s also a lot of work because I have to do it all on my own with minimum Marketing resources. But I can handle the challenge. The people are really nice and it’s relaxing to be able to write proposals all day in my own office. I’m very fortunate.

Thank you to everyone that’s blessed me and supported me in my goals. I appreciate all that you’ve done. Like I said, I can’t get onto Facebook, but I read all of the comments and birthday wishes and messages from my email account…y’all…that made me grin ear to ear like a big dork. Thank you!!